Learn * Speak English – 11 to 15 year olds

A fantastic course tailored to the students' needs and level of English, which focuses on the communicative approach to learning real life everyday situations based on everyday topics.

Learn * Speak English is designed for students 9-10 and 11-15 who are starting or continuing to learn English at school. The courses are designed to tailor each group's needs and levels and to extend their knowledge of English from what they learn at school.

While the course addresses all four skill areas, (listening, speaking reading and writing), the main focus is on listening and speaking and then on specific areas such as improving English grammar knowledge.

The teacher will motivate the students to speak and practise English through practical tasks and activities. In turn these Interactive lessons will help the student understand and use the new grammar, vocabulary and skills in real life situations. Therefore, students will:

  • Participate in dynamic classes to make their English come alive
  • Learn essential techniques and phrases for everyday situations
  • Communicate with more confidence and fewer errors
  • Follow a comprehensive course-book based (Side by side) on interesting themes, ideas and topics.

Due to the course being tailored to the students' needs and level of English and there being four levels in the Side by Side course books, there is no time limit. And when or if they complete the course they can move onto English for Pre-Intermediate General English.

The course structure will be determined based on the group or individual. It will depend on how many times they would like a lesson per week, what group there in and the level of English they have already acquired.