Located on the Congolese seaside 510km from Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire is the largest deepwater port in the Gulf of Guinea.  It is named after the Portuguese explorer Diego Cao had seen on the Congolese seaside a black rocky outcrop which he then called “Punta Negra”.

The “Fetish Rock” Pointe-Noire August 1928

The “Fetish Rock” Pointe-Noire August 1928
Source : © ANOM http://www.archivesnationales.culture.gouv.fr/anom/fr


You will be pleasantly surprised when you come to Pointe-Noire. There is something for everyone to do. Whether you like sightseeing or whether you like relaxing you’ll find something to keep you occupied. Below are some of things you can do. 

1. Attractions and sightseeing

Attractions and sightseeing in Pointe-Noire

As the deepest port on the Gulf of Guinea, the maritime port of Pointe-Noire is one of Congo’s most significant gateways to Africa by sea. There are plenty of attractions to visit:

  • Grand Station of Pointe-Noire - near the Wild Coast and close to hotels and banks
  • Ottino Hotel – an ancient colonial hotel and hosts the prefecture of Pointe-Noire
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Sailboat Village and Mondain Coast
  • First House of Parliament for EFA
  • Grand Market built across the “7 Days of Week” avenues
  • Fishermen's Village
  • The Red Lake
  • The wildlife reserve of Concouati-Douli
  • Pointe-Noire's finest restaurants: l'Arbalète, the Sea Club and Chez Denise
  • Preserved mangrove of Mazra Club
  • Colonial neighbourhood of Losange
  • Checkerboard neighbourhood
  • Mayombe forest on the road of Dolisie
  • The beach at Point Indienne
  • The gorges of Diosso
  • Malonda Lodge resort
  • Sea turtle watching with Renatura
  • Hundred-year-old baobabs along the border road

CFCO StationCongo ChimpGorges de DiossoPoint Noire Sunset

2. Activities

Sports activities

  • Go swimming at the Pyramide at 'Cote Sauvage'
  • Play tennis at Elaïs Hotel
  • Golf at Golf Club
  • Walk or Jog along the Wild Coast with the locals
  • Boules-type games at Cercle Civile
  • Go to the gym at Espace Trentenaire
  • Ride horses at the Equestrian Club
  • Go to the Flying Club and fly over Pointe-Noire by Microlight
  • Surf the Wild Coast by quad at low tide
  • Take a canoe ride and go line fishing at Malonda Lodge

Cultural activities

  • CCF offers from time to time shows and movies
  • Cite des Arts located downtown offers concerts & cultural activities


  • Take brunch on Sundays at Couleur Equateur (they have a tearoom and pottery workshop for adults)
  • Have fine meals at the Jaipur, Chez Dennis and l’Arbalète
  • Eat an Indian meal at Royal Spice
  • Have a Chinese meal at Chez Wou
  • Savour Italian ice at N’Ice Cream
  • Have a MacDo at Kactus, not quite MacDonald’s but good nonetheless
  • Sip gourmet tea or coffee at the elegant Villa Madiba

Night Life - Music and Dancing

  • Mingle with the rich and famous at the club casino
  • Show off your bling-bling at Bling Bling
  • Dance away at the Océan Rouge


  • Shop at the supermarkets Casino or Park & Shop for food and drinks
  • Buy African cloth and batik at the Moussa shop
  • Browse and buy at the craftsmen market handicrafts and African jewellery


  • Diosso
  • Migitel - for the considerable sized stuffed crocodile


  • Wild Coast
  • Matoumbi
  • Mvassa
  • Mateve Coast

3. Useful Information

Staying Safe
General crime rates are low. However, visitors should take basic precautions applicable to all foreign travel: avoid carrying large sums of money, be discrete with cameras and handbags, carry copies of your passport and keep safe your original passport and other essential documents. Beggars and other supplicants can be a nuisance. As always, avoid taking unnecessary risks by going in unsavoury neighbourhoods.

Useful information

  • Water from the tap is suitable for washing but not drinking. Use bottled water for drinking and rinsing the mouth.
  • Use of mosquito repellent is highly recommended
  • Yellow fever and cholera vaccination is mandatory
  • The taxi fare is 700 XAF downtown, farther is 1,000 or more
  • The currency is XAF where 1 euro = 655,957 XAF
  • The official language of the country is French

Climate information

  • The Republic of Congo has a tropical climate
  • Humidity is approximately +80%
  • Sun rises at 6 am and sets at 6 pm all year-round
  • There is a long dry season from June to September and a short dry season from January to February. During the dry season there is often an overcast sky, temperature from 20°C (68 °F) to 25°C (77°F)
  • The long rainy season lasts from October to December and short rain season from March to May. During this period the temperature ranges from 28°C (82 °F) to 31°C (88°F) with a high humidity.