At Connie’s Academy the welfare of every individual student is of the utmost importance. It starts from when you make the first enquiry, to beyond the completion of your course.

  • You will be made to feel welcome at Connie’s Academy and assessed on your language level with Connie herself and, where necessary, with a placement test.
  • Shortly after the commencement of your course, you will have a meeting with the Director of Education or Student Welfare Advisor to ensure the suitability and your satisfaction with your chosen course.
  • Monitoring is done on a weekly basis through assessment, observation or set tasks. The aim is to ensure your continued improvement.
  • Every three weeks you will receive either verbally or in written form an evaluation on the progress of your learning objectives.
  • Every six weeks a formal form of assessment will occur, to assess your understanding of the course undertaken at that point.
  • At the end of the course a final exam will be taken to determine your level of attainment.
  • Finally, your welfare and needs are important to us, therefore, our door is always open no matter how big or small your concern is. We are here to help you.