Students of all English levels are invited to participate in the Academy's activities. These activities are designed to support, enhance and motivate students to communicate with others in English. Everyone is invited to the "Conversation English - Let's Talk" sessions. For students who have enrolled and registered for one of the "Live * Learn" or "Corporate Tailoring" courses, we organise Book Club evenings, as well as barbecues and excursions to interesting sights in and around Pointe-Noire.

Learning continues when you are at your most relaxed.

Activities include:

Conversation English - "Let's Talk"

This class is designed around possible everyday conversation, where students are encouraged to communicate spontaneously using the English they have learnt and to improve their fluency and accuracy in doing so. All are welcome

Book Club

Reading in English is a great way to extend your vocabulary and accelerate your progress in English. Students will have the choice to choose an EFL book and exchange it each week, or read a common EFL book chosen by the teacher and get together each week to discuss what they have read.

Current Affair reviews

During the Let's Talk sessions, current weekly news topic could be chosen. Students will read the article together and then discuss both issues within the article as well as focusing on relevant grammar structures emphasised in the article.

Check the Let's Talk program times. We recommend you arrive early as there are only limited spots available.