The Academy is dedicated to teaching English, by giving intensive General English immersion courses, TOEIC preparation and TOEFL preparation courses to the people of Congo, RDC, Angola, Gabon and the surrounding countries.

For companies the Academy also gives intensive French, intensive Italian and intensive Portuguese lessons to their international employees, when companies want their employees to acclimatise themselves to their language and culture.

The Academy offers students from the age of 2 to 70 years old the highest possible standard of English and language learning. 'It engages in "Active Learning". Class sizes are kept at the most optimum smallest size. As our teachers are native English speakers, learners of English are offered a more real, dynamic, communicative approach to language learning. Using guided conversations, students are engaged in meaningful conversational exchanges within carefully structured grammatical frameworks, and then encouraged to break away from the written text and use these frameworks to create conversations on their own. All the language practice that is generated through the texts results in active communication, which serves as the vehicles for introducing new grammatical structures and many communicative uses of English.

In the Academy's modern and sophisticated Language Lab, students are offered interactivity between the instructor and themselves with options specifically for oral testing. In addition, the Lab offers more interpersonal communication (audio and video) so that students have increased opportunities to use the language to develop core skills more quickly and accurately. This medium of delivering intensive English lessons means students become better "English speakers, listeners, writers and readers". Teacher-led language labs cater for each student's personal needs. 

The Academy is one of many schools in Pointe-Noire in Congo-Brazzaville. It is housed in a beautiful building, designed and laid out to be a fun, calm and inviting place. As well as a Language lab, this English Language school has a movie room, a play centre for children, 3 teaching rooms and a lounge area for conversation classes.

The Academy's Education Director, Connie Reza, was born in Australia and attended Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She graduated with a BA / DipEd. Connie has over 20 years of teaching experience, having taught adults and children from the age of 3. She achieved National Excellence Awards in teaching, assisted students in attaining jobs through proficiency in a language and received community awards for dedication to teaching and in results obtained. Last, but not least Connie speaks English, German and French. The Primary and language school is her passion.