TOEFL Exam Preparation

(Test of English as a Foreign Language)

TOEFL assess your level of ability to use and understand English in an academic setting.

The TOEFL course prepares you for the format of the TOEFL examination and develops your grammar, vocabulary, understanding and speaking skills.

You can choose to do the TOEFL exam preparation lessons on their own, or combine them with General English classes. You must have obtained a B1 (intermediate level) and above.

At the start of your course we will assess your level and discuss the result of any TOEFL exam you have taken before. This will ensure your individual programme exactly meets your needs.

A typical week includes:


Analysis of the 3 sections of the reading paper; introduction to reading skills: reading to find information, reading for basic comprehension and reading to learn. During the course there will be timed practice and feedback.


Analysis and practice of the 2 writing tasks: integrated and independent; feedback and analysis of errors. Learning training: how to structure and edit your work.


Analysis of the 2 types of listening text: lectures and conversations; introduction to listening skills: listening for basic comprehension, listening for pragmatic understanding and connection and synthesizing information. During the course there will be timed practice.


Analysis of the 6 speaking tasks: independent and integrated; analysis of your lexical resource, fluency and accuracy, grammatical range and pronunciation. Practice exams with detailed feedback and recommendations.

The course will be finalised closer to time so that it will be current with the curriculum at hand.