Conversation English

Conversation English is a fun, friendly and relaxed course designed to help the learner to communicate from a basic level in English in "everyday" situations.

The course offers practical conversation lessons to improve the learners overall confidence and speaking abilities in English and to develop the use of conversational phrases and strategies by having the opportunity to practice as much as possible under the guidance of a native English speaker.

The course is based on authentic practical conversations in a variety of realistic, everyday scenarios such as:

    • Talking about oneself and the family
    • Talking about people, places and things.
    • Talking about shopping and other points of interest around town.
    • Talking about health and sicknessTalking about preferences
    • Current Affairs, talking about the hot topic of the day at a social gathering

Each conversation introduces a new topic and basic conversational phrases used by native English speakers when having a conversation.

The course is designed to introduce unfamiliar language step by step gradually in a realistic situation. What's more you meet like-minded people in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.