General English - Pre-intermediate Level

The Pre-Intermediate General English course is ideal for students who have successfully completed the Beginners General English or have a basic to sound level of English. The course addresses all four skill areas where listening and reading texts are kept to manageable lengths and speaking and writing tasks have structured support, therefore placing realistic demands on students in terms of support.

The teacher will motivate the students to speak and practise English through practical tasks and activities. In turn these Interactive lessons will help the student understand and use the new grammar, vocabulary and skills.

The course promotes a step by step approach and gives students the confidence they need to use the language effectively. Also, each lesson has clear learning outcomes taken from the Common European Framework. These outcomes are expressed as "Can do" statements, showing the students the real-world relevance of each lesson.

The course is based on conversations and tasks used in everyday situations such as:

  • Work
  • Routines and Lifestyles
  • Travel and Transport
  • Location and events
  • Describing people and things
  • TV and the News
  • Health Matters
  • Working life
  • Home life
  • Holidays and free time
  • Computers
  • Seeing old friends........etc

The Pre-Intermediate General English Course is a twelve week intensive course with all lessons being held in the Language Lab. At an established point in the course the student will receive advice on their progress, areas for improvement and advice for future studies. Then, at the end of the course, the teacher's recommendation will determine whether the student moves to Intermediate General English.

The student will receive a certificate at the end of the course if they have attended at least 80% of the classes and satisfactorily completed all relevant parts to the course.

Students who complete the Pre-Intermediate General English course may wish to do the TOEIC Bridging/TOEIC course and/or examination for a promotion in the work place.