Business English - Beginners/Pre-Intermediate Level

Beginners/Pre-Intermediate English introduce students to basic Business communication in the real everyday Business world.

The course is for learners with limited English, who need to develop their basic Business English ability to:

  • Communicate confidently in everyday business situations
  • Use and understand International English
  • Understand global business cultures
  • Follow a comprehensive course-book based on interesting themes, ideas and topics, while homework exercises mean that you can continue learning outside the classroom
  • Have regular checks on your progress in grammar and vocabulary and your teacher will give you feedback and guidance in all areas throughout the course.

The course is based on conversations and tasks used in everyday situations in the work place such as:

  • Checking in
  • At a trade fair
  • Schedules
  • Companies
  • Meeting people
  • In the office
  • Work
  • Appointments
  • Directions and shopping
  • Reservations
  • Requests and offers
  • Socializing

The course consists of 3 lessons per week over a 12 - 18 week period. Each week will focus on a different topic and the lessons will be held in the Language Lab. At an established point in the course the student will receive advice on their progress, areas for improvement and advice for future studies. Then, at the end of the course, the teacher's recommendation will determine whether the student moves Into Pre – Intermediate Business English or Intermediate Business English.

The student will receive a certificate at the end of the course if they have attended at least 80% of the classes and satisfactorily completed all relevant parts to the course.

Students who complete the Beginners Business English course may wish to do the TOEIC Bridging course and examination for a promotion in the work place.